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SCPD Unveils New Online Report System

In an effort to streamline the process of filing a police report and focus resources on emergency response, officials from the Suffolk County Police Department unveiled a new online reporting system that will allow residents to submit police reports without having to pull officers from other duties.

The new software, available in English and Spanish, offers residents the ability to file police reports online for incidents including harassing communications, lost property, criminal mischief, non-criminal property damage, minor motor vehicle crashes, identity theft, and some larcenies.

Among incidents that cannot be reported online are those related to an emergency, such as those involving a school or threats of physical violence, or a domestic incident. After inputting information, if an incident is approved, residents will receive an email reply in approximately two hours containing the report.

If any follow-up action is required, the report will be forwarded to the appropriate investigative command and the complainant will be contacted. Since the initial launch of the program, which is financially supported through asset forfeiture funds, in October 2018, the department has received approximately 100 online reports.

To file a report, please visit:


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