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Vandalism at Bald Hill Amphitheater

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of suspects responsible for damaging several pieces of equipment and the grounds of the popular Brookhaven concert and event facility the Long Island Community Hospital Amphitheater at Bald Hill.

A large refrigeration unit, a forklift and many light poles and outdoor furniture were destroyed and damaged overnight on March 21st 2020 according to the property managing company Long Island Events LLC.

The suspects also seized a forklift on site and used it to drive into and wreck equipment at the facility. All of their actions were caught on surveillance cameras and the suspects can be seen laughing and filming their antics on their cell phones.

Also shown on the surveillance tape is the car the suspects used to drive onto the property. “The physical damage is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars” says John Caracciolo, President of Long Island Events “but the emotional damage is beyond numbers”.

“Right now I am struggling to keep all of our staff employed and to find other tasks our event company can do during this time of complete shutdown” said John Caracciolo. “ It is just mind blowing to me that at a time like this people can be so hurtful and destructive to a local business. We are all going through very trying times and this is beyond comprehension how this group of thugs thinks this is funny while defying the community quarantine.” Caracciolo added.

This is a link to the video footage caught by security cameras… Video Here

Anyone with information is asked to please contact detective Thomas Daley of the Suffolk County Police 6th precinct at- 631-854-8645 Case # 20-168524


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