Marine Bureau Officers Rescue 4 People from a Rowboat on Long Island Sound

 WADING RIVER – Long Island Sound, Two Miles Northeast of Wading River Creak / Saturday, August 13, at approximately 9:10 p.m.

Suffolk Police rescued four people in a rowboat on the Long Island Sound last night.

Four Boaters

Three Brentwood brothers and a girlfriend of one of the brothers went fishing on the Long Island Sound, launching their 12’ Intext Excursion inflatable row boat from Shoreham Beach in Shoreham when they were blown far from shore and unable to row back. As winds from the southwest approaching at 15 knots began to increase due to an approaching thunderstorm, they called a friend on the beach and said they could not make it back. Their cell phone lost power and they had no lights on board their boat.

The friend lost sight of the four from shore, and called 911 with the assistance of the SCPD Spanish Language Line service. Seventh Precinct, Marine Bureau, and Aviation officers were dispatched for them, along with the US Coast Guard.

Officers John Brehm and Terence McGovern on Marine Delta responded from Port Jefferson and began to search the Long Island Sound. They reached the area and 8:55 p.m. and located them with the help of radar at approximately 9:10 p.m.

Leydis Bayero, 26, Milton Martinez, 28, Edwin Martinez, 23, and Nesdor Martinez, 26, all of 1034 Commack Road, Brentwood, were taken aboard Marine Delta, along with their boat, and transported to Port Jefferson. There were no injuries

Case Number: RG/0104