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More and more, we are hearing and seeing a lot of anti-police rhetoric coming from the protestors, the media, and far too many elected officials. Those in law enforcement are being made to feel as though they are the enemy. 


We at the Long Island Fugitive Finder magazine & website want to make it perfectly clear to all of the hard-working men and women of law enforcement, across Long Island and beyond, that we care about them, we appreciate them and we support them. We have also decided to designate the August 2020 issue of the Long Island Fugitive Finder magazine as the first-ever, "Law Enforcement Appreciation" issue. 


So, in addition to messages of appreciation and support from many Long Island businesses and political leaders, we will also be including an ad with a special message of support to all law enforcement (see below) from the people of Long Island. As you can see, several hundred Long Islanders have added their names to the ad. 


If you would like to add your name and have it appear in the ad, simply send an email, with your name, to

Law Enforcement Appreciation Header (Web

Dean Murray

Thomas Higgins

Don Hess

Tom Schiliro

Captain Joe Tangel

King Cod Fishing

Joe Saladino

Krystina Sconzo

Peter DiPinto Sr.

Hudson Darrow

Ken Dickinson

US Flooring

The Schineis Family

Debra Lanza

Jacquelin Lyon

Frank Aragona

Donna Russo

Joe Russo

Edward Dome

Kelly Satterley

Ellen Komosinski

Bonnie Robinson

Carl Fargione

Richard Terwilliger

Vicki Lettieri

Joanne Polacsek

Chris Anderson

Brett Nangle

Colin Martin

Keri Ann O’Grady

Derek O’Grady

Sean Nielsen

Shawn Hyms

Tom Lassandro

Anthony Dougherty

George DeMasi

Joe Lanza

Michelle Gillette Kelly

Rosalie Hanson

Amy Thomas

Donna Testa Nicosia

Brian Suarez

Lisa Kennedy

Dwayne Stephani

JoAnn Stephani

Robert Fuoco

Robert Ficken

Catherine Ficken

Laura Moran

Pete O’Leary

Jeff Fisher

John A. Masem

Kimberly Kaufer

Marilyn Dean

Stacy Steward

Kerri Licciardi

Joseph Licciardi Jr.

Scott Brown

Beth Schloth

Dawn Schaefer

Chris Flaherty

The Hines Family

Diane Stines

Bunnie Schiller

Bill Schiller

Tex Dennerlein

The Mirabelli Family

Lorice Belmonte

Walter Stroud

The Capersino Family

Debbie Loesch

The Felouzis Family

Cathy Guarino

Michael Guarino

Stephen Tritsch

Rhonda Klch

Frank Furia

Gary Stiriz

Tom Bilka

Joanne Bilka

Nadine Fattarusso DiDio

Peggy Felouzis

Marie Schulz

The Moodt Family

Maria Polak

Louis Polak

The Rosario Family

Rich Flood

Capt. Rob Aaronson

Charterboat “Oh Brother Montauk”

Bob Fischer

Chris Gioia

Kerri Gioia

Deborah Berenz

Beth Wahl

John Nicosia

Bailey Darrow

Matthew Brandly

Donna Testa Nicosia

W. Morrison & Family

Charles J. Bivetto

The McLean Family

Bob-O Malone

Suzanne K. McBride

The LaGrega Family

Doug Smith

John Jackson

Anna LaSorsa

Stacey Scheiner

Thomas Bilka Jr.

Felicia Bilka

Dan DiPinto

David Didio

Dave Prilook

Robert Cooley

Dave Mercado

Kevin Moss

Florence Brown

Kenneth Donowski

Annette Guerne

Gregory C. Miglino Jr.

John Brown

Brad Ries

The Reis Family

Someday Came Fishing Charters

The Warner Family

Brandon Hulmes

Henry Isherwood

The Demidio Family

Jim Risi

The Zummo Family

Capt. Richard Jensen

The Jensen Family

Bill Procaccini

The Procaccini Family

Dennis Peck

Pat Peck

Anthony Gillespie

Margareth Higgins

Dan Kuftack

Joanne Matthews

Carl B. Forsberg

Jerry Vtiello & Family

Peter Undy Lauda

Capt. Daniel Buckley

The Buckley Family

Vicki Frye

The Reissig Family

Helen Foley

The Hatch Family

The Colichio Family

Michael Quarltere

Joan Quarltere

Gregory Colichio

Jennifer Williamson

Warren Lukas

Jamie Lukas

Darlene Mercurio

Lorraine Rupolo

Mike Rupolo

The Leon Family

Anthony Lepre

Randall J. Ratje

Dorothy Terwilliger

Eugene Perry

Kathy Perry

Chris Perry

Patrick Perry

Patricia Marangio Galang

Joseph Spradley

Kathi Mann

The Nangle Family

Michael Greco

The Budd Family

The Greco Family

Pam Julian-Petersen

Richard Petersen

Hope Julian

Hailey Julian

Thomas Berger

Frances Berger

Denise Nostrom Scovanni

Rob Scovanni

The Panzella Family

Gary Pollakusky

Thomas Sconzo

Theresa DePietto

Joseph White

Donna White

The Shea Family

Les Trafford

Capt. Tom Buckley & Family

Trudy Reising

Liz Reising

Scott Dittmar

Robert Prybyzerski Sr.

The Hart Family

Patrick McCarthy

Tara McCarthy

Pat Groves

Russell Mistler

Jeannette Mistler

Tom McCarthy

Donna Brown

The Ferzola Family

Louis Felice

Rosemarie Felice

The Rennard Family

Kimberly Stettner DiPinto

The Ciulla Family

The Wysowski Family

Tommy Chesh

The Waller Family

Rob Crawford

The Masem Family

The Cotter Family

Robert Castineras

The Graf Family

Anthony Fabrizio

The Newman Family

Chip Smith

Ann Smith

Lorraine Vaz

Bill Dymond Jr.

Heather Dymond

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